School Council

School Council Annual General Meeting

September 10th, 2019

The school Council  Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 10th at 7:00pm at Agnes Davidson School.  The AGM will include the election of School Council Executives and an overview of any plans for the coming year.  All parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to be  part of the School Council.    Please

School Council

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School Council Executives

Officers of the School Council consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Any member of the School Council is eligible to be elected as an officer for a one-year term. An officer can be re-elected at the AGM to serve for another year but cannot be in the position for longer than two consecutive years.

The duties of each office are as follows:


To plan the agenda for meetings, convene and facilitate the meetings, act as spokesperson for the School Council, ensure that the School Council is represented at monthly school staff meetings and prepare the Annual Report at the end of the year for submission to the School Board.


To assist the Chair with the above duties and assume the duties of the Chair in his/her absence.


To manage all financial transactions, prepare and present a monthly financial report to School Council and aid in the preparation of the financial statement for the Annual Report. Basic cheque book balancing is required.


To keep accurate minutes and records of all meetings, process correspondence and communication and maintain an accurate list of names and phone numbers of School Council members.

District School Council Representative:

Two members of School Council shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to represent the views of École Agnes Davidson School Council at the District School Council (DSC). Duties shall include: a) attending all meetings of the District School Council; b) taking information from School Council to the DSC monthly meetings and reporting information from DSC meetings to École Agnes Davidson School Council meetings; c) appointing an alternate School Council member to attend the meeting, if unable to attend; d) one representative shall be from the School Council positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer; and e) both representatives will have been members of École Agnes Davidson School Council for a minimum of one year.

The activities planned for this school year are: Dragon Days (October); Lunch-on-the-Go (October – May) and the Pancake Breakfast (February). There will be an opportunity to sign-up for these various committees at the September 15th meeting.


School Council Mission Statement

In the spirit of partnership, École Agnes Davidson School Council fosters positive communication between the school staff and families of the students. It offers the school community a forum to exchange ideas and an opportunity to facilitate activities that broaden and enhance the educational experience within the school.

Who Can Attend?

All parents of Kindergarten through Grade  students, staff members and community representatives involved with Agnes Davidson School are welcome to attend any meeting of the School Council. However, only those parents and guardians who have signed the "Code of Ethics" will have a vote at the School Council meetings.

What Does School Council Do?

School Council meets to discuss issues of importance that relate to the school and its community as well as to plan for events and activities that enhance the school spirit and the learning environment. It provides support for our students, teachers and school community.

When Does School Council Meet?

In the evening, once a month, at Agnes Davidson. The specific dates and time will be determined at the Annual Meeting.

Why Should You Get Involved?

School Council offers an opportunity for parents to get involved in your child's education by volunteering in a school-wide activity or helping out in the classroom. Your involvement will help to ensure the best possible school experience for your child(ren).

To contact the school council:  Email School Council