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Ways to Practice

Here are some suggestions for helping your child maintain and improve French language skills:

  • Computer programs: Check local bookstores and computer outlets for French language software. Some have an audio component so students can hear French spoken.
  • Television: There are a number of programs in French for children or the whole family might like to watch.
  • Radio: Listen to the news or music in French on Radio Canada or listen to C’est la vie! on CBC Radio One. Host Bernard St-Laurent offers fascinating insights into life in French-speaking Canada.
  • Internet resources/sites: A Google search can provide numerous sites for French songs, poetry, stories, games, etc. Students who have email can correspond with school friends or relatives, in French or in a combination of French and English. (Please note that parents should monitor the Internet activity of their children.)
  • Movies: If you have a DVD player you can watch films and also change the language of the film to French to enjoy all or part of a movie in French.
  • Shopping: Check the labels on food and merchandise for the description or ingredients in French.
  • Vacation: How about keeping an ongoing journal in French of trips and family outings during the summer? The journal can include pictures, photos with captions, words, maps etc. and can be real or imaginary

Check out our school website for many student-friendly links in French. Click here for our students' LINKS WE LIKE. Here is a sample below: