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     Hello Volunteer!

We appreciate you spending time with our students.   Community supports are what make École Agnes Davidson great!

A few reminders before you join us:

  1. All volunteer opportunities must be pre-arranged with the classroom teacher
  2. All family members must provide proof of double vaccination to the school (or a rapid Covid test within 72 hours) 
  3. Volunteer forms must be completed prior to the activity
  4. Please ring the doorbell upon arrival
  5. Digitally check in at the office on the ipad, to the left, as you enter the office
  6. Please pick-up your volunteer lanyard (above the digital check-in)
  7. As per the division guidelines visitors must be masked in all areas
  8. You may volunteer in one classroom per day
  9. Thank you for checking out, returning your lanyard and exiting through the front doors

Thank you for your gift of time


Annual Volunteer Registration Form

Volunteer Driver Form