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Benefits and Highlights


More and more parents are realizing that learning a second language is a benefit for many children. It will prepare their children for the challenges of an increasingly interdependent world.

Why learn French?

Research and studies show that learning two languages has positive impacts on children. Whether French is the child's first language or second language, there are numerous benefits to learning French that will last a lifetime. 

French as a Second Language

The ‘'Impact of Second Language Education Study'' commissioned by Alberta Education showed that learning a second language has a positive impact in five specific areas:

Intellectual Potential

Students score higher in both verbal and non-verbal intelligence.

Students are superior in divergent thinking tasks, in memory ability and attention span.

Scholastic Achievement

Students have higher test scores in reading, language and mathematics.

Each additional year of second language education adds to the positive differential compared to students not receiving a second language.

First Language

First language skills are strengthened in the areas of reading, vocabulary, grammar and communication skills

The earlier the start, the greater the positive effect on the first language.


Students have superior cross-cultural skills, adapt better to different cultural contexts and display greater cultural sensitivity.

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