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Promoting French Language Learning for Young Children

Support children’s early development through French Second Language Learning


We are excited to announce the project launch of “French Footprints: FSL in the Early Years” in partnership with Canadian Parents for French (CPF) and 123 Petits Pas. Designed for Anglophone family support practitioners, this e-module training takes a holistic approach to provide learners with the confidence, knowledge and skills to provide French as a Second Language (FSL) learning opportunities within early childhood programming.      With 4 evidence-based modules and a strong focus on translating theory into practice, this e-module will help Anglophone family support practitioners incorporate elements of French Second Language learning into programs for Anglophone children (ages 1-9) in a responsive, engaging, and educational way! No French language skills are required to take the e-module!Benefits for Participants  1. Bébé Bilingue Bags

Participants who complete the e-module will receive a complimentary “Bébé Bilingue Bag” packed with resources that will help in introducing French to children and families in a fun way! Items may include a French storybook, activity booklets, colouring book, printouts of resources, and more!2. Wrap-Up Session with Mme. Amy – Creator of 123 Petits Pas

Participants will have access to an exclusive live session with Mme. Amy to discuss your new learnings, share what concepts you had success with implementing into your practice, and identify next steps in your FSL programming journey!  3. Financial IncentivesParticipants who take the e-module may be eligible for a financial grant provided by CPF.4. Free Professional Development OpportunityFamilies Canada members will have the opportunity to test and provide feedback on the e-module while learning important skills to incorporate French elements into early childhood programming


How Can You Participate in this Project? 

We would love to hear from you! We are looking for Families Canada members who are interested in testing the e-module and learning how you can incorporate French into your early childhood programming. If interested, we invite you to fill out the expression of interest form below!


Fill out the Expression of Interest Form!

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