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LOTG Information

Ecole Agnes Davidson- Lunch On The Go!


Welcome to all new and returning parents!

School Council is excited to offer monthly Lunch On The Go (LOTG) to our students this year! This is a great way to take a break from all the school lunch preparations. This program also acts as a fundraiser for School Council.

The process for LOTG remains the same as in years past. If you are new to the school, the program will be outlined below:

  1. Register for School Cash Online https://lethbridge.schoolcashonline.com/
  • This step is done once and will be good for the students' entire career in District 51.
  • Once registered, you will receive email reminders from School cash Online to place your orders, as they become available on the website.
  1. Place your LOTG order on the School cash Online site. This is the ONLY way to place an order.

All the LOTG items will be on the site soon and they are listed separately with date, vendor, items included and any options available from that vendor.

Items can be ordered all at once or on an individual basis, whichever is most convenient for your family.

You will get an email confirmation from School Cash Online after you place your order.

No refunds are possible once the order is confirmed on the site. Please note that items will be available only until approx. 2 weeks before the scheduled LOTG deliver date.

When possible, we have made an attempt to make items available for those who have special dietary needs. We have also chosen to alternate days of the week to allow both full day kindergarten program families to participate.

If your child is away on LOTG day, you need to make arrangements  to have the lunch picked-up at lunchtime or it will be given to another child who does not have lunch.

If you receive an email reminder that there is a lunch available to purchase, this means you have NOT yet ordered that specific LOTG item.

*** If you wish to volunteer with LOTG distribution, we would love your help! Please reply to LOTG@adcouncil.ca with your name and contact number. We will reach out at the beginning of each month via mass email to gather volunteers for the day-of, usually for an hour over the lunch break. Each LOTG delivery will have different needs and require different volunteers. 

This is a great way to get to know the Agnes Davidson community, meet other parents, and get to know the wonderful teachers and staff at our school. Come have fun!!

Any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

Danielle Henrie LOTG@adcouncil.ca

(Head of the LOTG committee) 


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