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Family Center Programing

Family information Night At Ecole Agnes Davidson School: 

Where: October 10th 

Where: Agnes Davidson

Time: 6pm (right before School Council Meeting)




Worry Dragons

This program is an anxiety education program that will allow kids to use their creative side to express fears and worries and learn new skills to respond and reduce these feelings.



This registered parent and child (0-5 years old) interactive playgroup focuses on play that stimulates your child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. You and your child may make slime, finger paint with shaving cream, smell spices and sing active songs. We will use both play spaces, inside and outside. It is guaranteed to be messy so please dress appropriately. A small snack will be provided.


Preschool children experience stress. The signs and symptoms are often seen in behaviors like excessive or unusual clinginess, hitting or scratching, crying more often or expressing feelings of a sick/upset tummy. The strategies offered in the program helps parents increase their understanding of children’s reactions to stress, and their own ability to help their children cope effectively with stress. Learning to handle stress is an important life skill for everyone! Child care provided for in person session. Virtual option.


Play helps kids to learn and develop good coping skills, improve literacy, encourages independence and promotes physical health and wellbeing. RAP is a drop off play program designed for kids ages 5-8. Kids will work with facilitators to explore all types of play – dramatic, messy, science, outdoor sport, games and more. They’ll make new friends, experiment and explore, build and create and try something different.



Triple P is a 30+year researched, and evidence based parenting program that has helped millions raise healthy well-adjusted children. In this seminar you will learn what emotional resilience looks like in children, how to teach your children how to cope with feelings and anxieties related to everyday life and explore coping strategies that will help create a calm family life. Virtual option. Child care available for in person attendees.



Anxiety shows up – that feeling of dread! When it shows up it can heighten all kinds of different feelings and emotions. It happens with everyone and very few know what to do when anxiety is in the room. This program has been tailored to help parents spot what anxiety looks like in children, understand what anxiety is, develop strategies to support children and learn about other resources within the community. Virtual option available. Childcare available for in person attendees.



In this group you will discuss the kinds of bedtime issues parents have faced. You’ll be able to identify of parenting traps that get us frustrated and exhausted. Most importantly you’ll discover a few more tips and tricks to help you get your children in bed and find peace! You’re not alone and we’re here to help. Child care provided. Virtual option.


This class provides a safe place for children to connect, engage and belong. They will gain confidence in the kitchen while they learn safe and proper ways to prepare nutritious meals. When children engage in cooking they gain a lifelong foundation for healthy eating; social skills are developed through sharing and cooperation; math skills increased by counting, measuring; spatial awareness is increased; and they use all their senses.  All recipes and food created are taken home and can be portioned for 4 people. 


Children can experience intense emotion due to a loss. It could be a death, a separation, a divorce, foster care, or moving. Children respond differently and it can be hard to help them through the process of grief and loss. In this seminar we’ll explore how children’s emotions and feelings can be expressed in a supportive environment, discover strategies to help them cope and connect with community resources to help you and your children. Virtual option. Child care available for in person attendees.


For more information Visit: https://www.famcentre.ca/




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