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Aggie's Brew Spring Label Contest

Aggie's Brew Spring Label Contest:

Contest Opens : Feb. 1st

Contest Closes: Feb. 13th

Contest papers can be picked up in the office

All Label designs MUST be signed by a parent and submitted to Megan Cummins in the office

To purchase coffee:

You can purchase Aggie's Brew at Cuppers Coffee throughout the entire school year. Ask for Aggie's Brew special blend. If you wish to order a bulk order with the same label you must contact Mickey at Cuppers: cuppersfundraising@gmail.com
Spring cut-off date:
Cut off: March 11 (Spring Label)
Aggie's Brew Pricing:
Aggies Brew  $21.00/bag for 3/4 pound.
The grinds are whole Bean, Drip/pour over, Keurig, French Press, Bialetti, home espresso and Turkish.


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