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Aggie's Brew HOLIDAY label Contest Winners and Coffee Orders

Congratulations to this years Holiday Brew Label Contest Winners!

Bravo Seraphina!

Bravo Jeremy!

Bravo Lucy!

Bravo Sofia!

Bravo Skye!

Bravo Archer!

Thank you to all the Agnes Davidson artists who submitted their artwork for consideration!


To purchase coffee:

We will be selling our first batch of Holiday Brew in person at the Holiday Market on November 18th. You can also purchase Aggie's Brew at Cuppers Coffee throughout the entire school year. Ask for Aggie's Brew special blend. If you wish to order a bulk order with the same label you must contact Mickey at Cuppers: cuppersfundraising@gmail.com
The school will be selling Aggie's Brew 2 times this school year. See below for cut-off dates:
Cut Off: Dec 4th (Holiday Label)
Cut off: March 11 (Spring Label)
Aggie's Brew Pricing:
Aggies Brew  $21.00/bag for 3/4 pound.
The grinds are whole Bean, Drip/pour over, Keurig, French Press, Bialetti, home espresso and Turkish.


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