The violin program at Agnes Davidson has been around for 15+ years. It has evolved and changed throughout the many years of it's creation but the philosophy has not: Get Kids Playing. The goal of this program is not to create violin prodigies, but to allow students the opportunity to discover a new instrument that may otherwise be inaccessible to them. The violin program is organized through the school and group lessons happen at school during the lunch break. We are incredibly fortunate to have the help of two amazing local violinist John & Lynn Gilliat. Together with the help of two staff members, Allison Goettle and Tom Scott, they teach students the basic fundamentals of the violin and help them develop the skills necessary to play songs from beginning to end. 


Question: What Experience does my child need to have to play the violin?

Answer: None, we teach the students everything from basic violin maintenance to fundamental skills including parts of the violin and bow hold. 

Question: What is the cost? 

Answer: If you are renting a violin from the school we charge $140.00. This helps us maintain the violins and to purchase new ones if our others become too old or broken. We also charge a $15.00 fee material fee. This allows us to purchase materials such as books and shoulder rests. 

If you do not rent a violin from us we still charge the material fee. If you do not require a violin or materials then there is no fee. 

Question: When does violin meet? 

Answer: The day varies from year to year, however we will always meet during the lunch hour where we will eat and play. 

Question: What can I expect my child to do after the first year of playing the violin?

Answer: You can expect your child to be able to play a simple song by the end of the year. If students practice like they are expected then you can expect even more! 

Questions: How can I sign up?

Answer: Registration will be handled online through our online payment program, School Cash Online. Registration begins in September and ends early October. There are limited spots, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to sign up. 

Question: What if I have more questions!

Answer: Please e-mail Tom Scott @