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Early Education

What an adventure awaits your little one as they head off to school: new friends, new experiences and new ways of having fun. While enjoying the time in the early education program, your child will also be practicing important skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. Children will learn the prerequisite skills for reading, writing, math and science, as well as how to interact successfully with teachers and classmates. The overarching goal of any early education program is to help your child feel good about him/herself as a learner and to feel comfortable in a school-like setting.

The child care philosophy of our program is founded on a child’s need to feel valued and accepted. Developing a positive self-image and satisfying the natural curiosity of the children is fostered through the use of a variety of materials and activities. Suitable play materials will be presented in fun and creative activity centres.

Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations, develop initiative and independence, function both as a group member and individual, and learn to share and cooperate with others. We will foster positive relations and respect for one another. Communication skills and socialization are keys to a successful future for your child.

Children will be encouraged to develop their listening skills (through activities such as songs, stories and show and tell) and to follow simple directions. We will provide opportunities (e.g. art, dress-up centres) which will enhance the creativity of all children. Our early education programs provide an inclusive environment with excellent child to adult ratio encouraging interaction among children and adults in a safe and relaxed manner.

The program focuses on language enrichment and speech development in all its activities. Early education opportunities provide for the physical, social, intellectual, creative, and emotional development of all three and four year old children. Cultural diversity is embraced.

The early education program focuses on language enrichment and speech development in all its activities, preparing a child for Kindergarten and beyond. The Agnes Davidson Early Education program provides for the physical, social, intellectual, creative, and emotional development of all 3 and 4 year old children.

If you have a child who will be 3 or 4 years old before September 1st, they qualify to start Early Education (Preschool) starting in September. Registration begins January for returning Early Education Students and in February for new students to the program.

  • Students who will be 3 years old as of September 1st, please register for the 3 year old program.
  • Students who will be 4 years old as of December 31st, please register for the 4-year-old program.
  • Children who experience difficulties in speech, language, hearing, vision, behaviour, and/or gross motor skills may be provided an early intervention program within an early education environment.
    • Children identified with mild/moderate delays must be 3 years, 8 months of age or older by September 1.
    • Children identified with severe delays must be 2 years, 8 months of age or older as of September 1.
    • A current assessment indicating the child's identified need is necessary for program placement

To view more information on registration, please visit our registration page.


Please find attached some links to important tools to help your Pre-School child better succeed.