Robotics Pizza Party and "Dance Off"

Calendar General
Event Date May 26 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Over the course of the last year the robotics team has put in countless hours of learning and dedication. As the their mentors we are proud of the progress that they have made from beginning to end, and want to reward them….. by giving them one last challenge!
On Friday May 26th  we would like to host a robotics “dance off” where the students will be given the challenge of modifying and programming their robot for a dance off. Because of the complexity of the challenge, we will be hosting the event from 12:00- 3:00 in order to provide sufficient work time. We will be provided pizza and refreshments since we will be working over lunch. There will also be prizes awarded to the victors for group work, challenge completion, and other areas! It will definitely be an event that you don’t want to miss.
That being said, we would still like to know who will be in attendance for the event. Knowing the numbers in advance will help to plan for the event and order appropriate amounts of food. Also, If you are able to attend and assist with pizza and snack preparation, please reply to this email. It would also be helpful to have a few parents on hand to guide the groups with programming or building as well, so please reply if you are free to help with this as well.  
Finally, because of the end of the year rush, we will no longer be holding our Monday and Wednesday meetings from now until the end of the year as more and more activities pop up and interfere.
Thank you so much for supporting us this year!
Alain Muise, Kelsey Prenevost, Matt Vanden-Dungen, Thomas Scott, Zach Muggeridge.