Lunch Bag Fundraiser

In an effort for our school to become more environmentally counscious, school council is offering an opportunity to purchase reusable snack bags and raise money for our school for programs such as Scientists in School and field trips.  The fundraiser will run from September 10th through September 24th.  All orders can be placed online at and payment will be made at the time of ordering.  50% of the price of the lunch bags will go directly to our school, $5.50 from each wet bag sold and $2.50 from each set of wash cloths.  The orders will be sent home with the students shortly after the campaign is complete.

We are hoping to reduce the number of Ziploc bags being thrown in the garbage or on the school grounds.  These bags are easy to wash, either rinse in the sink or machine wash and dry.  There will be examples of the bags available in the office to see if you’re curious as to how they look and feel.