School Cash Online

School Cash Online is an online parent portal that offers a safe, fast and convenient way to pay for school activity fees. The portal is customized to meet your school’s needs and allows you as a parent, to add your students, make payments, check current balance/account history, print or view receipts, and receive notifications about upcoming events.

Why Use School Cash Online?

With School Cash Online, you can pay all your student’s school fees with the click of a button. Wherever. Whenever. Trips to the school to drop-off cash or sending your student with money will be a thing of the past. School Cash Online also enables you to keep track of your student’s school items and activities.

For safety and efficiency reasons, Lethbridge School District No.51 would like to reduce the amount of cash & checks coming into our school. Please join the thousands of parents who have already registered and are enjoying the convenience of paying ONLINE!   It takes less than 5 minutes to register.  Please follow these step-by-step instructions, so you will begin to receive email notifications regarding upcoming events involving your child(ren).  

NOTE:  If you require assistance, select the SUPPORT option in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 1: Register

a)  If you have not registered, please go to the School Cash Online                                        
home page  
and select the “Get Started Today” option.

b)  Complete each of the three Registration Steps  *For Security Reasons your password, requires 8 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and a number.


Step 2: Confirmation Email

A registration confirmation email will be forwarded to you.  Click on the link provided inside the email to confirm your email and School Cash Online account. The confirmation link will open the School Cash Online site prompting you to sign into your account.  Use your email address and password just created with your account.


Step 3: Find Student

This step will connect your children to your account.

a)  Enter the School Board Name.

b)  Enter the School Name.

c)  Enter Your Child’s Student Number (this can be found on the report card)

d)  Enter Your Child’s Last Name and Birth Date.

e)  Select Continue.

f)  On the next page confirm that you are related to the child, check in the Agree box and select Continue.

g)  Your child has been added to your account.


Step 4: View Items or Add Another Student

If you have more children, select “Add Another Student” and repeat the steps above.  8 children can be added to one parent account. If you do not wish to add additional children, select “View Items For Students” option.  A listing of available items for purchase will be displayed.


Credit Card

Pay with Visa or MasterCard on School Cash Online by entering your credit card number, CVV number (the three digits on the back of your card), card expiry date, and billing information.


An electronic version of a paper check used to make payments online. Anyone with a checking or savings account can pay by eCheck through School Cash