Student Profile Forms

Teacher Requests

There is much to consider in the creation of the composition of each class for the upcoming year and this takes us several weeks to work through each spring. We look at physical, academic, second language, and behavioural considerations. We consider children’s personalities and how well they have worked together in the past. Gender ratios help us to balance out the rest. Finally, class sizes are considered so that each grade level class is similar in size. The current year’s teachers play a large role in creating classes based on their experience working with the children in the school. The key is to find the best balance for all of those factors within each class to help ensure that each child and teacher has the most successful year possible. Additionally, we need to remember that our staffing process is not completed until summer. Given all of these factors, it is not possible to grant requests for specific teachers.  The Agnes Davidson administration, in consultation with the teachers, will create the French Immersion class lists for both Nicholas Sheran and Agnes Davidson Schools for the 2017-2018 school year.

Rather than accepting notes, letters, emails or phone calls from parents requesting a specific teacher for their child, a “Student Profile Form” has been created.  This form allows for communication of considerations that lie outside of requesting a specific teacher.   Should you wish to complete the form, it can be found on the school website and will be due by Friday, May 12th.

Student Profile Form can be found here.