Lunch On the Go –Parent Information

Welcome to all new and returning EADS parents. We hope you had a great summer. LOTG is a great way to take a break from all the school lunch preparations as well it provides a small fundraiser for the school council.

The process for LOTG will work as follows:
1. Register for School Cash Online.  https://www.schoolcashonline.com/ 
This step is done once and will be good for the student’s entire career in District 51. Our school is a cashless school (as are all School District 51 schools).  School Cash Online will allow you to make payments for a variety of school activities and expenses.
Once registered you will conveniently receive email reminders from School Cash Online to place your orders. We will not be sending reminders home with the students. 
2. Place your LOTG order on the School Cash Online site. This is the ONLY way to place an order. The site will show you what items are available to purchase for your child; LOTG being one of them. Each LOTG item is listed separately with vendor, items included, and any options that are available. 

No additional options or items may be ordered.  Items can be ordered all at once or on an individual basis whichever is more convenient for your family. You will get an email confirmation from School Cash Online after you place your order. No refunds are possible once the ordered is confirmed on the site.

Other notes:
If your child is away on LOTG day you need to make arrangements to have the lunch picked-up or it will be given to another child who does not have a lunch. We cannot keep the lunch until the next day. 
IF YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL REMINDER THAT THERE IS A LUNCH AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE THIS MEANS THAT YOU HAVE NOT ORDERED THIS LUNCH. You can always sign into your account to see what items you have purchased.  After the deadline, no more items may be ordered, no exceptions. This is a computer-generated program and timelines can’t be altered.  If you are in the school please stick your head in to the office, say hi, and thank Sue for all the time she spends getting these items added for our kids. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: At times we require parent volunteers to do prep work and fill the bins. If you are available and would like to help for an hour or so please send your contact info and we will create list.                                                                                                                                                   

LOTG dates are as follows:

Thursday, October 4                                                                                        

Thursday, November 1                                                              

Thursday, December 6                                      

Thursday, January 17                                          

Thursday, February 7

Thursday, March 7

Thursday, April 4

Thursday, May 9

Tuesday, June 11